Item Code DB1C
Brand Clarke Tools

Long life precision M-2 fully ground bright finish 118° angle drill bit for all metals like ferrous, non-ferrous, and alloys upto a tensile strength of 900 N/mm2. Our High Speed Steel twist drill bits are manufactured under DIN standards.

Part No. Size Cutting Length Overall Length
DB1C 1mm 12mm 34mm
DB1.5C 1.5mm 18mm 40mm
DB2C 2mm 24mm 49mm
DB2.5C 2.5mm 30mm 57mm
DB3C 3mm 33mm 61mm
DB3.2C 3.2mm 36mm 65mm
DB3.3C 3.3mm 36mm 65mm
DB3.5C 3.5mm 39mm 70mm
DB4C 4mm 43mm 75mm
DB4.2C 4.2mm 43mm 75mm
DB4.5C 4.5mm 47mm 80mm
DB4.8C 4.8mm 52mm 86mm
DB5C 5mm 52mm 86mm
DB5.2C 5.2mm 52mm 86mm
DB5.5C 5.5mm 57mm 93mm
DB5.8C 5.8mm 57mm 93mm
DB6C 6mm 57mm 93mm
DB6.5C 6.5mm 63mm 101mm
DB6.8C 6.8 69mm 109mm
DB7C 7mm 69mm 109mm
DB7.5C 7.5mm 69mm 109mm
DB8C 8mm 75mm 117mm
DB8.5C 8.5mm 75mm 117mm
DB9C 9mm 81mm 125mm
DB9.5C 9.5mm 81mm 125mm
DB10C 10mm 87mm 133mm
DB10.5C 10.5mm 87mm 133mm
DB11C 11mm 94mm 142mm
DB11.5C 11.5mm 94mm 142mm
DB12C 12mm 101mm 151mm
DB12.5C 12.5mm 101mm 151mm
DB13C 13mm 101mm 151mm
DB13.5C 13.5mm 108mm 160mm
DB14C 14mm 108mm 160mm
DB14.5C 14.5mm 114mm 169mm
DB15C 15mm 114mm 169mm
DB15.5C 15.5mm 120mm 178mm
DB16C 16mm 120mm 178mm
DB16.5C 16.5mm 125mm 184mm
DB17C 17mm 125mm 184mm
DB17.5C 17.5 130mm 191mm
DB18C 18mm 130mm 191mm
DB18.5C 18.5mm 135mm 198mm
DB19C 19mm 135mm 198mm
DB19.5C 19.5mm 140mm 205mm
DB20C 20mm 140mm 205mm